Incidence, Admission Rates, and Economic Burden of Adult Emergency Visits for Chronic Pancreatitis: Data From the National Emergency Department Sample, 2006 to 2012

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Introduction:Chronic pancreatitis (CP) is a common reason for emergency department (ED) visits, but little research has examined ED use by patients with CP.Materials and Methods:The Nationwide Emergency Department Sample (2006 to 2012) was interrogated to evaluate trends in adult ED visits for a primary diagnosis of CP (International Classification of Disease, 9th revision, Clinical Modification code: 577.1), the rates of subsequent hospital admission, and total charges. A survey logistic regression model was used to determine factors associated with hospitalization from the ED.Results:We identified 253,753 ED visits with a primary diagnosis of CP. No significant trends in annual incidence were noted. However, the ED-to-hospitalization rates decreased by 3% per year (P<0.001) and mean ED charges after adjusting for inflation increased by 11.8% per year (P<0.001). Higher Charlson comorbidity index, current smoker status, alcohol use, and biliary-related CP were associated with hospitalization. In hospitalized patients, length of stay decreased by 2.2% per year (P=0.003) and inpatient charges increased by 2.9% per year (P=0.004).Conclusions:Patient characteristics associated with higher risk of hospitalization from the ED deserve further attention.

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