15 January
15 January News
Guidelines for Treatment of Candidiasis
Outbreak of Shiga Toxin—Producing Escherichia coli O111:H8 Infections among Attendees of a High School Cheerleading Camp
Identification of Risk Factors for Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis
Primary Central Nervous System Phaeohyphomycosis: A Review of 101 Cases
Efficacy and Tolerability of Miltefosine for Childhood Visceral Leishmaniasis in India
Contribution of a Urinary Antigen Assay (Binax NOW) to the Early Diagnosis of Pneumococcal Pneumonia
Acute Community-Acquired Bacterial Sinusitis: The Value of Antimicrobial Treatment and the Natural History
Association of Clinical Signs and Symptoms with Bacterial Findings in Acute Otitis Media
Bacteremia Due to Klebsiella pneumoniae Isolates Producing the TEM-52 Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase: Treatment Outcome of Patients Receiving Imipenem or Ciprofloxacin
A Review of Natural-Rubber Latex Allergy in Health Care Workers
Use of Total Lymphocyte Count for Monitoring Response to Antiretroviral Therapy
Improvement in Lipoatrophy Associated with Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in Human Immunodeficiency Virus—Infected Patients Switched from Stavudine to Abacavir or Zidovudine: The Results of the TARHEEL Study
Clinical Stability in Human Immunodeficiency Virus—Infected Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Malabsorption of Rifampin and Isoniazid in HIV-Infected Patients With and Without Tuberculosis
Adequacy of Early Empiric Antibiotic Treatment and Survival in Severe Sepsis: Experience from the MONARCS Trial
Severe West Nile Virus Disease in Healthy Adults
Sensitive and Quantitative Detection of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Infection by Real-Time Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Laboratory Diagnosis of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
Etiology of Clinical Proctitis among Men Who Have Sex with Men
Reduction of Nephrotoxicity Associated with Amphotericin B Deoxycholate
Continuous Infusion of Amphotericin B Deoxycholate: A Cost-Effective Gold Standard for Therapy of Invasive Fungal Infections?
Amphotericin B: Is a Lipid-Formulation Gold Standard Feasible?
Lipid Amphotericin B Formulations as Comparators in Clinical Trials