Posaconazole Is Effective as Salvage Therapy in Zygomycosis: A Retrospective Summary of 91 Cases

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To evaluate the activity of posaconazole for treatment of zygomycosis, a disease for which therapeutic options are limited, we conducted a retrospective study including 91 patients with zygomycosis (proven zygomycosis, 69 patients; probable zygomycosis, 22 patients). Patients had infection that was refractory to prior antifungal treatment (n = 81) or were intolerant of such treatment (n = 10) and participated in the compassionate-use posaconazole (800 mg/day) program. The rate of success (i.e., either complete or partial response) at 12 weeks after treatment initiation was 60%, and 21% of patients had stable disease. The overall high success and survival rates reported here provide encouraging data regarding posaconazole as an alternative therapy for zygomycosis.

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