Coincidence of Genetic Loci for Plasma Cholesterol Levels and Obesity in a Multifactorial Mouse Model

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We have examined backcross progeny derived from a cross of Mus spretus with C57BL/6J, that range from 1 to 50% carcass lipid (n = 215), and from 22 to 130 mg/dl plasma total cholesterol (n = 238).Statistical analysis revealed that distal mouse chromosome 7 exhibits significant linkage both to plasma total cholesterol (likelihood of the odds (LOD) 5.8) and to carcass lipid (LOD 3.8). A locus on chromosome 6 also shows significant linkage to plasma total cholesterol (LOD 5.6), but no linkage to carcass lipid. Neither chromosomal region contains any previously mapped genes likely to influence lipoprotein metabolism, indicating that novel genetic factors contributing to plasma lipoprotein levels have been identified. (J. Clin. Invest. 1993. 92:773-779.) Key words: lipoproteins. cholesterol. obesity. genetics. linkage (genetics)

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