Vascular Endothelium
A MAC-1 Attack
Antiinflammatory Potential of Lipoxygenase-derived Eicosanoids
Integrins and Vascular Extracellular Matrix Assembly
Yersinia Proteins That Target Host Cell Signaling Pathways
Modulation of Intestinal Tight Junctions by Zonula Occludens Toxin Permits Enteral Administration of Insulin and Other Macromolecules in an Animal Model
alpha-Melanocyte-stimulating Hormone Protects Against Renal Injury after Ischemia in Mice and Rats
Fas Ligand Expression by Astrocytoma In Vivo
Prolonged Endothelin A Receptor Blockade Attenuates Chronic Pulmonary Hypertension in the Ovine Fetus
Glucose Effectiveness Assessed Under Dynamic and Steady State Conditions
Pex/PEX Tissue Distribution and Evidence for a Deletion in the 3 prime Region of the Pex Gene in X-Linked Hypophosphatemic Mice
Studies on the Contribution of c-fos/AP-1 to Arthritic Joint Destruction
Aldosterone and Dexamethasone Stimulate Calcineurin Activity through a Transcription-independent Mechanism Involving Steroid Receptor-associated Heat Shock Proteins
20-Hydroxyeicosa-Tetraenoic Acid (20 HETE) Activates Protein Kinase C
Superinduction of Cyclooxygenase-2 Activity in Human Osteoarthritis-affected Cartilage
Comparative Analysis of Antibody and Cell-mediated Autoimmunity to Transaldolase and Myelin Basic Protein in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Exercise Stimulates the Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase Pathway in Human Skeletal Muscle
Complementation of Reduced Survival, Hypotension, and Renal Abnormalities in Angiotensinogen-deficient Mice by the Human Renin and Human Angiotensinogen Genes
Spontaneous Puberty in 46,XX Subjects with Congenital Lipoid Adrenal Hyperplasia
Immunohistochemical Detection of Imidazolone, a Novel Advanced Glycation End Product, in Kidneys and Aortas of Diabetic Patients
Differential Expression of Tissue-specific Adhesion Molecules on Human Circulating Antibody-forming Cells After Systemic, Enteric, and Nasal Immunizations
Calcium-enriched Foods and Bone Mass Growth in Prepubertal Girls
Cell Cycle Inhibition Preserves Endothelial Function in Genetically Engineered Rabbit Vein Grafts
Role of Microtubules in the Rapid Regulation of Renal Phosphate Transport in Response to Acute Alterations in Dietary Phosphate Content
Mast Cell Tryptase Stimulates the Synthesis of Type I Collagen in Human Lung Fibroblasts
Proliferation of Hepatic Stellate Cells Is Inhibited by Phosphorylation of CREB on Serine 133
Aeroallergen-induced Eosinophilic Inflammation, Lung Damage, and Airways Hyperreactivity in Mice Can Occur Independently of IL-4 and Allergen-specific Immunoglobulins
LFA-1 Is Sufficient in Mediating Neutrophil Emigration in Mac-1-deficient Mice
The Endothelial Cell Ecto-ADPase Responsible for Inhibition of Platelet Function is CD39
Plasma Lipoprotein(a) Levels and Expression of the Apolipoprotein(a) Gene are Dependent on the Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Its 5 prime-Flanking Region
Crypt Stem Cell Survival in the Mouse Intestinal Epithelium Is Regulated by Prostaglandins Synthesized through Cyclooxygenase-1
Endothelin-1 Transgenic Mice Develop Glomerulosclerosis, Interstitial Fibrosis, and Renal Cysts but Not Hypertension
Insulin-like Growth Factor Receptor Cooperates With Integrin alpha v beta 5 to Promote Tumor Cell Dissemination In Vivo
Apical Extracellular Calcium/Polyvalent Cation-sensing Receptor Regulates Vasopressin-elicited Water Permeability in Rat Kidney Inner Medullary Collecting Duct
Complex Genetic Control of HDL Levels in Mice in Response to an Atherogenic Diet
Metabolic Acidosis Stimulates H+ Secretion in the Rabbit Outer Medullary Collecting Duct (Inner Stripe) of the Kidney
Correcting Temperature-sensitive Protein Folding Defects
Altered Responses of Human Macrophages to Lipopolysaccharide by Hydroperoxy Eicosatetraenoic Acid, Hydroxy Eicosatetraenoic Acid, and Arachidonic Acid
Transient Cerebral Ischemia