Neurological Disturbances, Premature Lethality, and Central Myelination Deficiency in Transgenic Mice Overexpressing the Homeo Domain Transcription Factor Oct-6

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Pit, Oct, Unc (POU) homeo domain transcription factors have been implicated in various developmental processes, including cell division, differentiation, specification, and survival of specific cell types.Although expression of the transcription factor Oct-6 in oligodendroglia is confined to the promyelin stage and is downregulated at the myelin stage of development, the effect of Oct-6 overexpression on oligodendrocyte development has not been established. Here we show that transgenic animals overexpressing Oct-6 at late oligodendrocyte development develop a severe neurologic syndrome characterized by action tremors, recurrent seizures, and premature death. Axons in the central nervous system of Oct-6 transgenics were hypomyelinated, hypermyelinated, or dysmyelinated, and ultrastructural analyses suggested that myelin formation was premature. The vulnerability of developing oligodendroglia to Oct-6 deregulation provides evidence that the POU factor may play a direct role in myelin disease pathogenesis in the mammalian CNS. (J. Clin. Invest. 1998. 101:1292-1299.)

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