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Lost gold: the decline of the academic mission in US medical schools
Resistance rising
The $800 million pill
Embryonic death and the creation of human embryonic stem cells
How does blood glucose control with insulin save lives in intensive care?
An integrated view of suppressor T cell subsets in immunoregulation
CD4+ Tregs and immune control
Qa-1 restriction of CD8+ suppressor T cells
Homeostatic control of immunity by TCR peptide-specific Tregs
Tregs in T cell vaccination: exploring the regulation of regulation
Inflammatory bowel disease reveals the kinase activity of KSR1
p16 and ARF: activation of teenage proteins in old age
Developing DNA vaccines that call to dendritic cells
Do DNA sequence variants in ABCA1 contribute to HDL cholesterol levels in the general population?
Genetic ablation of Nrf2 enhances susceptibility to cigarette smoke-induced emphysema in mice
Semaphorin 3F, a chemorepulsant for endothelial cells, induces a poorly vascularized, encapsulated, nonmetastatic tumor phenotype
Kinase suppressor of Ras-1 protects intestinal epithelium from cytokine-mediated apoptosis during inflammation
Mitochondrial remodeling in adipose tissue associated with obesity and treatment with rosiglitazone
A viral epitope that mimics a self antigen can accelerate but not initiate autoimmune diabetes
Ink4a/Arf expression is a biomarker of aging
Imatinib mesylate inhibits the profibrogenic activity of TGF-β and prevents bleomycinmediated lung fibrosis
Mast cell-derived angiopoietin-1 plays a critical role in the growth of plasma cell tumors
c-Cbl-deficient mice have reduced adiposity, higher energy expenditure, and improved peripheral insulin action
Recruitment and expansion of dendritic cells in vivo potentiate the immunogenicity of plasmid DNA vaccines
Genetic variation in ABC transporter A1 contributes to HDL cholesterol in the general population
Mice lacking the syndecan-3 gene are resistant to diet-induced obesity