‘Thousands starving in UK hospitals’
Inhaled insulin
Palliative care services
Management of liver disease in Nigeria
Advances in respiratory medicine
Cystic fibrosis
Genetic predisposition to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Management of rare diseases in respiratory medicine
Lung transplantation
When is a placebo effect not an effect?
Conversations in a taxi
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Cardiac service provision in the United Kingdom
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Depression, demoralisation or adjustment disorder? Understanding emotional distress in the severely medically ill
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Geriatric medicine (36219)
Clinical Medicine June 2007
Answers to the CME SAQs published in Clinical Medicine August 2007
Genes and behaviour
Response to personal viewpoint on revalidation
The future of coronary heart disease prevention
The future of coronary heart disease prevention
The future of coronary heart disease prevention
Atrial fibrillation – all change!
Atrial fibrillation – all change!
Conversation with Charles
Patient-centred medicine
Patient-centred medicine
Neurologists still have a role in the dementia care pathway
lesson of the month
Cleanliness and cross infection
Cleanliness and cross infection
Briefing the media