Invasive fungal infections
Antifungal pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
Invasive fungal infections in the paediatric and neonatal population
Trends in invasive fungal infections, with emphasis on invasive aspergillosis
Use of mass spectrometry to identify clinical Fusarium isolates
Comparison of multiple typing methods for Aspergillus fumigatus
Different virulence levels of the species of Sporothrix in a murine model
Evaluation of nested and real-time PCR assays in the diagnosis of candidaemia
Candidaemia with uncommon Candida species
Vaginal and endocervical microorganisms in symptomatic and asymptomatic non-pregnant females
Optimization of the detection of microbes in blood from immunocompromised patients with haematological malignancies
Clinical practice of obtaining blood cultures from patients with a central venous catheter in place
Effect of different sample volumes on the DNA extraction of Aspergillus fumigatus from whole blood
Population-based surveillance for scedosporiosis in Australia
Rhinocerebral mucormycosis in patients without predisposing medical conditions