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Brain Physiology at the Montreal Neurological Institute
Neuronal Excitability
Neurotransmitter Actions in the Thalamus and Cerebral Cortex
The Neurophysiology of Glial Cells
Normal Anatomy and Neurophysiology of the Hippocampal Formation
Subcortical Structures and Pathways Involved in Convulsive Seizure Generation
Physical and Physiological Specification of Magnetic Pulse Stimuli that Produce Cortical Damage in Rats
A Safe and Effective Paradigm to Functionally Map the Cortex in Childhood
Recording of Event-Related Potentials (P300) from Human Cortex
Sixth Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Clinical Neurophysiology June 20–23, 1991
Intracranial Electrodes
Machinery of the Mind
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Doris A. Flynn Fellowship