Relative Decreased Splenic Uptake of Tc-99m-Sulfur Colloid in Patients with Pancreatic Carcinoma
An Unusual Cause of an Isolated, Focal Splenic Defect Demonstrated By Liver-Spleen Scintigraphy
Combined Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound Studies in the Evaluation of Suppressed Thyroid Tissue
Thyroid Steal Syndrome?
Photopenia in Skeletal Scintigraphy of Suspected Bone and Joint Infection
Multiple “Cold” Areas Demonstrated on Bone Scintigraphy in a Patient With Neuroblastoma
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The “Hot” Patella
A Tumor of the Lung Featuring Increased Pulmonary Arterial Perfusion
Hemobilia Detected by Tc-99m Labeled Red Blood Cells
Gastrointestinal Bleeding: An Accessory Spleen Causing a False-positive Tc-99m-Sulfur Colloid Study
Caudal View on Bone Scan to Visualize Coccygeal and Pubic Lesions
Synovial Calcification of Tertiary Hyperparathyroidism: Appearance on Bone Scintigraphy
Tc-99m-MDP Uptake in Widespread Subcutaneous Nodules of Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma
Hepatobiliary Imaging With Tc-99m-IDA Radiopharmaceuticals