Discrepancies in Thyroid Uptake Values Use of Commercial Thyroid Probe Systems Versus Scintillation Cameras
Delayed Radioiodine Organification in Plummer's Disease
A Physiologic Approach to Renal Scintigraphy Application to Evaluation of Hypertension
Tc-99m DMSA Renal Scintigraphy During Kidney Maturation
Poor Renal Uptake of Tc-99m DMSA and Tc-99m MDP in a Patient With Fanconi Syndrome and Near Normal Glomerular Filtration Rate
Tc-99m Sestamibi for Detection of Parathyroid Adenoma Comparison of Single and Dual Tracer Imaging
Tc-99m Sestamibi Imaging of a Hyperfunctioning Parathyroid Autograft With Doppler Ultrasound and MRI Correlation
Gastric Ga-67 Uptake in Patients With Lymphoma
lndium-111 Oncoscint CR/OV and F-18 FDG in Colorectal and Ovarian Carcinoma Recurrences Early Observations
Somatostatin Receptors in the Orbits
1-131 MIBG Scintigraphy of Neuroectodermal Tumors Comparison Between 1-131 MIBG and ln-111 DTPA-Octreotide
Enhancement of Hematopoietic Uptake by Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor in Ga-67 Scintigraphy
Lymphatic Drainage From Peri-Umbiiical Skin to Internal Mammary Nodes
Tc-99m MIBI Uptake Secondary to Pulmonary Interstitial Fibrosis in Progressive Systemic Sclerosis
Thallium-201 Uptake in Myositis Ossificans Potential Pitfall in Diagnosis
Evaluation of Left Ventricular Function in Kawasaki Disease Using Equilibrium Multigated Blood Pooling Ventriculography
Detection of an Abdominal Mycotic Aneurysm on Three-Phase Bone Scan A Case Report
Gallbladder Visualization With Radiocholesterol Simulating Bilateral Adrenal Uptake
SPECT in Neurosyphilis
Angiosarcomatosis A Rare Cause of Gastrointestinal Bleeding Diagnosed By Tc-99m Labeled Red Cell SPECT
Discordant Tc-99m Human Immunoglobulin and ln-111 White Cell Scans in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Hepatic Hydrothorax Scintigraphic Confirmation
Multifocal Osteoarticular Tuberculosis Resembling Skeletal Metastatic Disease Evaluation With Tc-99m MDP and Ga-67 Citrate
Scintigraphic Diagnosis of Prostaglandin Induced Periostitis
Accessory Splenic Tissue Detection With Tc-99m Labeled WBC in a Post-Splenectomy Patient
Asymmetric Submandibular Gland Uptake of 1-123 MIBG Mimicking A Chemodectoma
Humeral Stress Periostitis The Arm Equivalent of “Shin Splints
Current Readings in Nuclear Medicine