Evaluation of Active Bleeding into Hematomas by Technetium-99m Red Blood Cell Scintigraphy Before Angiography
Scintigraphic Evaluation of Salivary Gland Dysfunction in Patients with Thyroid Cancer After Radioiodine Treatment
Thyroid Carcinoma
Comparison of Tc-99m Depreotide and In-111 Octreotide in Recurrent Meningioma
SPECT Imaging of Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Post-therapeutic Lymphedema: Scintigraphy Before and After Autologous Lymph Vessel Transplantation
Simvastatin-Associated Rhabdomyolysis Demonstrated on Bone Scan
Tc-99m MDP Imaging in Rhabdomyolysis After Military Disciplinary Punishment
Colonic Uptake of Tc-99m MDP in Pseudomembranous Colitis
Calcifying Fibrous Pseudotumor
Uterine Myoma Identified on a Tc-99m MAG3 Scan of a Renal Transplant
A Large Bladder Calculus and Severe Vesicoureteric Reflux as Seen on Tc-99m MAG3 Renography
Incidental Finding of a Large Renal Mass on Tc-99m MDP Bone Scintigraphy
Malignant Diaphragmatic Pheochromocytoma
Crohn’s Disease of the Esophagus Visualized by Tc-99m Antigranulocyte Antibodies
Septic Emboli Visualized with Leukocyte Scintigraphy
Eventration of the Hemidiaphragm Causing Confusing Hepatobiliary Scintigraphic Findings
Tc-99m HMPAO-Labeled Leukocytes in the Diagnosis of Mycotic Aneurysm
How High Can the Standardized Uptake Value Be?
Thyroid Carcinoma Found at Parathyroidectomy
Coarctation of the Aorta Demonstrated by a Radionuclide First-Pass Flow Study Using Tc-99m Tetrofosmin
Incidental Detection of an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm During Evaluation of Gastrointestinal Bleeding with Tc-99m-Tagged Erythrocytes
Incidental Detection of Primary Breast Carcinoma with a Modified Coincident Camera in a Patient with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Melanoma
Functional Brain Imaging in a Patient with Giant Cisterna Magna
Scintigraphic Detection of Peritoneal Leakage
Traumatic Thoracic Thecal Sac Laceration, Leak, and Pleural Effusion Diagnosed by Radionuclide Cisternogram
Serendipitous Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma During Sestamibi Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Scintigraphic Findings of Multiple Focal Nodular Hyperplasias in Type 1 Glycogen Storage Disease
Polymyositis Detected by Ga-67 Scintigraphy
Degenerative Lumbosacral Transitional Articulation
Multifocal Brucellosis Spondylodiscitis
Uterine Visualization with Tc-99m Human Polyclonal Immunoglobulin G Scintigraphy To Detect Molar Pregnancy
Tc-99m (V) DMSA Scintigraphy in Malignant Lymphoma
Significance of the Visualization of Bone Marrow During Dipyridamole Tc-99m Tetrofosmin Myocardial and Gated SPECT