Tuberculosis of the Spine on Tc-99m MDP Bone Scan
Reduced Heart Rate Response to Dipyridamole as a Marker of Left Ventricular Dysfunction in Diabetic Patients Undergoing Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy
Case Study of Anti-1-Amino-3-F-18 Fluorocyclobutane-1-Carboxylic Acid (Anti-[F-18] FACBC) to Guide Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Target Design
Rim of FDG Uptake Around a Pulmonary Infarct on PET/CT in a Patient With Unsuspected Pulmonary Embolism
F-18 Flurodeoxyglucose Negative, F-18 Fluoride Accumulating in a Brain Metastasis in a Treated Case of Carcinoma of the Breast
Tc-99m HMPAO-SPECT With CT Attenuation Correction Improves Detection of Epileptogenic Areas
Umbilical Metastasis From Breast Cancer Detected by FDG PET
Breast Carcinoma Metastatic to Renal Oncocytoma Detected on F-18-FDG PET/CT
The Identification of a Tumor of the Cervix on PET/CT With Bladder Filling and Emptying
Primary Cardiac Lymphoma Evaluated With Integration of PET/CT and Contrast-Enhanced CT
Dual Primary Subclavicular Angiosarcoma and Lung Cancer Imaging With C-11 Acetate PET and FDG PET
F-18 FDG PET/CT of Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Increased Thallium-201 Accumulation in the Transplanted Lung
Delayed Epiphyseal Closure Seen on Tc-99m Methylene Disphosphonate Bone Scan in Association With Hypopituitarism
Detection of Solitary Humeral Metastasis From Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma With F-18 FDG PET/CT
F-18 FDG PET/CT Findings of a Case of Complete Hydatidiform Mole
Faster Radioiodine Washout in the Treatment of Pulmonary Metastases of Papillary Thyroid Cancer Prepared With Recombinant Human Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone
Gallium Scan–Prompted Skin Biopsy Revealed Intravascular Large B-Cell Lymphoma in a Patient Who Presented With Fever of Unknown Origin
Asymmetric FDG Uptake in the Extraocular Muscles Resulting From Oculomotor Nerve Paralysis
Recurrent Falls Resulting in Pseudoaneurysm of a Calcified Femoral Artery
FDG PET/CT Findings of Mesenchymal Hamartoma of the Liver in an Adult
F-18 FDG PET/CT as a Noninvasive Diagnostic and Follow-up Tool in Brown Tumors Due to Secondary Hyperparathyroidism
Current Readings in Nuclear Medicine