Defining the nursing contribution to patient outcome: lessons from a review of the literature examining nursing outcomes, skill mix and changing roles
A review of the psychosocial predictors of help-seeking behaviour and impact on quality of life in people with urinary incontinence
Works of art: a complement to theoretical knowledge when teaching nursing care
Clinical role clarification: using the Delphi method to establish similarities and differences between Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists
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Energy and nutrient intake of patients in acute care
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INFORMATION POINT: National Service Frameworks
Professionals' perceptions of children's participation in decision making in healthcare
Developing a unified language for children's nurses, children and their families in the United Kingdom
Student nurses' perception of independence of supervision during clinical nursing practice
The experience of practice development: an exploratory telephone interview study
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INFORMATION POINT: Primary Care Groups
INFORMATION POINT: Primary Care Trusts
Intensive care nurses' experiences of caring for brain dead organ donor patients
Nurses' first encounters with parents of new-born children - public health nurses' views of a good meeting
The significance of empowerment for perceptions of control: a case study of a home for older people
Grief and the Healing Arts: Creativity as Therapy
On Death Without Dignity: the Human impact of Technological Dying
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Information for Evidence-based Care
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