Cardiac risk factors and quality of life in patients with coronary artery disease

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Aims.The study aimed to determine the quality of life and the relationship between cardiac risk factors and the quality of life in subjects diagnosed with coronary artery disease.Background.Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of adult deaths. The main goal of the therapy is to stop the progression of atherosclerotic coronary disease, ensure its regression and protect individuals from possible complications, increase quality of life and survival period by providing optimal physical, psychological and social conditions.Design and method.The sample population was 270 outpatients who were diagnosed Coronary artery disease at the Cardiology Policlinics of State Hospital during 21 May–20 July 2007.Socio-demographic information and risk factors were inquired during the period of data collection with two forms as the ‘Demographic Characteristics Questionnaire’ and ‘Mac New Quality of Life Scale’.Results.According to the results of the study, it was found that 22·2% of the patients were under the age of risk group, 27·8% had diabetes, 47·5% had hypertension, 36·7% were smokers, and 40·7% had hyperlipidemia. It was established that 31·1% had four risk factors, no patients were risk-free, and the mean number of risk factors was 3·7 (SD 1·28). For the scores of the quality of life scale domains of the patients, the physical field, emotional field, social field and total quality were estimated to be 60·85, 69·34, 68·31 and 130·42, respectively.Conclusions.It was found that there was a negatively statistically significant relation between the quality of life and hypertension and early familial Coronary artery disease history and that quality of life declined as the risk factors increased.Relevance to clinical practice.Risk-factor modification and organisation of training programmes with ensured participation of patients and their relatives are of critical importance in improving their quality of life.

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