Forthcoming Symposia
Prevention of Preterm Births, the French Experience
Is Supplementation With Marine Omega-3 Fatty Acids During Pregnancy a Useful Tool in the Prevention of Preterm Birth?
Cervical Length Measurement and Cervical Cerclage to Prevent Preterm Birth
Progesterone Treatment to Prevent Preterm Birth
Treatment of Vaginal Infections to Prevent Preterm Birth: A Meta-Analysis
Maternal Periodontal Infections, Prematurity, and Growth Restriction
Antioxidants for Prevention of Preterm Delivery
Modification of Assisted Reproduction Techniques to Prevent Preterm Birth
Social Support and Pregnancy Outcome: A Review of the Literature
Stress and Preterm Birth
Review Questions
Adolescent and Adult Obesity in Women: A Tidal Wave Just Beginning
Obesity: Another Wolf at the Door?
The Impact of Obesity on Obstetrical Practice and Outcome
Medical Management of Obesity in Women: Office-Based Approaches to Weight Management
Surgical Management of Obesity
The Future of Obesity Management
Adult Obesity as a Consequence of in Utero Programming
The Physiology of Obesity
Review Questions