Bioactive glass granules as a bone adjunctive material in maxillary sinus floor augmentation
Early loading (2 or 6 weeks) of sandblasted and acid-etched (SLA) ITI® implants in the posterior mandible
A 7-year life table analysis from a prospective study on ITI implants with special emphasis on the use of short implants
Patterns of tissue remodeling after placement of ITI® dental implants using an osteotome technique
A prospective evaluation of Frialoc® implants with ball-abutments in the edentulous mandible
Microbiological and clinical effects of chlorhexidine enclosed in fixtures of 3I-Titamed® implants
Analysis of MG63 osteoblastic-cell response to a new nanoporous implant surface by means of a microarray technology
Effects of platelet-rich plasma on bone healing in combination with autogenous bone and bone substitutes in critical-size defects
rhBMP-2 significantly enhances guided bone regeneration
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Three-dimensional morphometric analysis of human cadaver bone
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Radiologic measurements of the mandible
Deformation at the implant interface to prosthetic superstructure
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Implant design and interface force transfer