Papers Presented at the 2006 Meeting of the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society
THE CLASSIC:On the Treatment of Cystic Myelogenous Sarcoma (Myeloid, Giant Cell Sarcoma) with Curettage Instead of Amputation
Properties of the Stromal Cell in Giant Cell Tumor of Bone
Oncogene Coexpression in Mesenchymal Neoplasia Correlates with EGF Transcription
SH3BP2 Is Rarely Mutated in Exon 9 in Giant Cell Lesions Outside Cherubism
Errors in the MRI Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Tumors and Tumorlike Lesions
What Is Quality of Life in Children with Bone Sarcoma?
Osteosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma, and Ewing's Sarcoma
Effect of Chemotherapy on Initial Compressive Osseointegration of Tumor Endoprostheses
Experience with Cemented Large Segment Endoprostheses for Tumors
Coaxial Extendible Knee Equalizes Limb Length in Children with Osteogenic Sarcoma
Bipolar Proximal Femoral Replacement Prostheses for Musculoskeletal Neoplasms
Rotationplasty for Bone Tumors
Limb Salvage Surgery for Osteosarcoma
Distal Tibial Osteoarticular Allografts
Joint Salvage for Pathologic Fracture of Giant Cell Tumor of the Lower Extremity
Method for the Physical Analysis of Drug-bone Cement Composite
Increased Bone Formation Using Calcium Sulfate-Calcium Phosphate Composite Graft
Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodules in Patients with Sarcoma Affect Survival
Outcomes of an Anatomically Based Approach to Metastatic Disease of the Acetabulum
Disease- and Recurrence-free Survival after Surgical Resection of Solitary Bone Metastases of the Pelvis
Radiotherapy to Bone Has Utility in Multifocal Metastatic Renal Carcinoma
The Effect of Simulated Metastatic Lytic Lesions on Proximal Femoral Strength
Curettage of Biopsy-diagnosed Grade 1 Periacetabular Chondrosarcoma
Endoscopic Resection of Symptomatic Osteochondroma of the Distal Femur
Functional Outcomes after Treatment of Aggressive Tumors in the Distal Radius
Hemicortical Excision for Low-grade Selected Surface Sarcomas of Bone
Reconstruction of Noncontained Proximal Tibial Defects with Divergent Screws and Cement
Cryoablation and Resection Influences Patient Survival for Soft Tissue Sarcomas
Soft Tissue Sarcoma Resection Volume Associated with Wound-healing Complications
Intramuscular Hemangioma
Web-based Resources for Orthopaedic Oncology Information
Childbirth and Sexual Activity after Eccentric Rotational Acetabular Osteotomy
Rotational Acetabular Osteotomy Through an Ollier Lateral U Approach
Factors Leading to Osteoarthritis after Eccentric Rotational Acetabular Osteotomy
Impacted Bone and Calcium Phosphate Cement for Repair of Femoral Head Defects
Clinical Importance of the Lateral Branch of the Deep Peroneal Nerve
Ezrin Expression Predicts Survival in Stage IIB Osteosarcomas
Low-intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Does Not Enhance Distraction Callus in a Rabbit Model
The 2007 ABJS Nicolas Andry Award: Three Decades of Clinical, Basic, and Applied Research on Thromboembolic Disease after THA
Resident Selection
CASE REPORT: Cefazolin-induced Hemolytic Anemia
CASE REPORT: Pathologic Long Bone Fracture in a Patient with Systemic Mastocytosis
A Lytic Bone Lesion in the Phalanx of an 18-year-old Man
50 Years Ago in CORR: Some Effects of X-rays on Bone by Helen Quincy Woodard, PhD; and The Long-Range Effects of Radiation on Bone by L. Henry Garland, MB
JOURNAL SCAN: Foot and Ankle International