An undergraduate Otolaryngology curriculum comparison in the United Kingdom using a curriculum evaluation framework
Bile acids : a potential role in the pathogenesis of pharyngeal malignancy
Assessment of carotid artery intima‐media thickness in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea
Single‐sided deafness affects language and auditory development – a case–control study
Local extension staging of sinonasal tumours : retrospective comparison between CT/MRI assessment and pathological findings
Adaptation and validation of the Singing Voice Handicap Index into Polish
An evaluation of the quality of evidence available to inform current bone conducting hearing device national policy
Effect on mortality of elective parathyroid surgery in one hundred and three patients with chronic kidney disease : our experience
The value of direct audiology access for magnetic resonance imaging : an audit of 40 cases
Dura and sinus compression with a transcutaneous bone conduction device – hearing outcomes and safety in 38 patients
Congenital anosmia : our experience of eleven patients with aplasia or hypoplasia of the olfactory tract
UK tertiary centre experience of outcomes from osseointegrated transcutaneous magnetic bone conduction hearing system implanted in twenty‐five patients using a linear incision technique
Short‐term results from seventy‐six patients receiving a bone‐anchored hearing implant installed with a novel minimally invasive surgery technique
Squamous cell carcinoma associated with inverted papilloma of the maxillary sinus : our experience with 21 patients
Functional magnetic resonance imaging in seven borderline cochlear implant candidates : a preliminary research study
Balloon tuboplasty in patients with Eustachian tube dysfunction : a prospective study in 39 patients (55 ears)
A retrospective analysis of seven patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and pharyngeal and/or laryngeal Talaromyces marneffei infection
Workload and costs of audiological assessment on tertiary settings : Data analysis and audit
The role of sentinel lymph node biopsy in the management of laryngeal carcinoma
Insulin effect on hearing recovery in idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss : Retrospective study of 145 patients
Fitness to drive—How well do we know the rules? Survey of 19 ENT surgeons in Wales
Prophylactic use of fibrin sealant (ARTISS™) for facilitating safe transition to drain‐free thyroid surgery : A single‐centre case series review of 109 procedures
Closure of the trans‐columellar incision in open septorhinoplasty in 100 patients : Use of an absorbable multifilament suture
Application of ultrasound‐guided pigtail catheter drainage for abscesses in the head and neck
Vestibulotoxicity with systemic gentamicin in different dosing regimens : Our experience in 46 patients
Clinical case series describes a contraindication for SerenoCem Granules™ in mastoid obliteration : Our experience in sixty‐four patients
Surgical management of extensive osteoradionecrosis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients with the maxillary swing approach and free muscular flaps
Cerebrospinal fluid leaks during endoscopic sinus surgery in thirty‐two patients
A novel radiologic check test of round window accessibility for cochlear implantation : Our experience in 198 cases
Endoscopic coblator‐assisted epiglottoplasty in ‘obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome’ patients
The ‘Toronto Meatoplasty’ revisited
The use of 3D printed external and internal templates for Bonebridge implantation – technical note
Foot pedal‐controlled CT review during functional endoscopic sinus surgery
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