Race and Ethnicity in Clinical Studies
Relationship of the Temporofrontal Rami of the Facial Nerve to the Fascial Layers of the Temporal Region
Dealing With the Overprojecting Pinched Tip
Latissimus Dorsi Donor-Site Morbidity
Cancer Recurrence Involving a TRAM Flap and Abdominal Donor Site Following Mastectomy and Immediate Breast Reconstruction
Angiographic Delay
Bioengineered Matrices—Part 1
Bioengineered Matrices—Part 2
Reconstruction of Fingertip Defects With Great Toe Pulp Grafts
Evaluation of FiberLoop Sutures in Locking and Nonlocking Tendon Repair
Subcaruncular Approach for the Reconstruction of Blowout Fractures of Medial Orbital Walls
Scalp Defect Repair
A Modified Free Muscle Transfer Technique to Effectively Treat Chronic and Persistent Calcaneal Osteomyelitis
Common Nerve Decompressions of the Upper Extremity
How to Reconstruct a Natural and Deep Umbilicus
Extramammary Paget’s Disease
Global Contributions to Annals of Plastic Surgery
Factors Influencing Acute Rejection of Human Hand Allografts
Coracobrachialis Myofascial Flap
Dynamic Infrared Thermography
Comment from Editor on the Letters of de Weerde et al and Chubb, et al
A Multi-institutional Study Analyzing Effect of Prophylactic Medication for Prevention of Opioid-induced Gastrointestinal Dysfunction
Evaluation of a Preoperative Pain Score in Response to Pressure as a Marker of Postoperative Pain and Drugs Consumption in Surgical Thyroidectomy
What Does/Should the Minimum Clinically Important Difference Measure? : A Reconsideration of Its Clinical Value in Evaluating Efficacy of Lumbar Fusion Surgery
Patient Satisfaction After Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Is Primarily Driven by Relieving Pain
Impaired Somatosensation in Patients With Isolated Proximal-without-distal Exercise-related Lower-limb Ischemia
Affect Balance Style, Experimental Pain Sensitivity, and Pain-related Responses
Effects of Music Engagement on Responses to Painful Stimulation
Pain-related Insomnia Versus Primary Insomnia : A Comparison Study of Sleep Pattern, Psychological Characteristics, and Cognitive-behavioral Processes
Adverse Events Attributable to Nocebo in Randomized Controlled Drug Trials in Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy : Systematic Review
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for the Reduction of Clinical and Experimentally Induced Pain : A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
On the Interpretation of Odds Ratios
Palliative Care : Not Only for the Dying