Legislative changes
Expression of cell adhesion molecules in oesophageal carcinoma and its prognostic value
Bacteraemia prediction in emergency medical admissions: role of C reactive protein
Coxsackievirus B3 sequences in the myocardium of fatal cases in a cluster of acute myocarditis in Greece
Significant expression of IGFBP2 in breast cancer compared with benign lesions
Status of the p53, p16, RB1, and HER-2 genes and chromosomes 3, 7, 9, and 17 in advanced bladder cancer: correlation with adjacent mucosa and pathological parameters
Detection of BRAF mutations in colorectal tumours and peritoneal washings using a mismatch ligation assay
Inflammation and cytokeratin 7/20 staining of cardiac mucosa in young patients with and without Helicobacter pylori infection
IgM colocalises with complement and C reactive protein in infarcted human myocardium
Genomic instability in radial growth phase melanoma cell lines after ultraviolet irradiation
Differences in growth characteristics and elementary body associated cytotoxicity between Chlamydia trachomatis oculogenital serovars D and H and Chlamydia muridarum
High co-prevalence of genogroup 1 TT virus and human papillomavirus is associated with poor clinical outcome of laryngeal carcinoma
Bone marrow biopsy morbidity: review of 2003
Histological features used in the diagnosis of melanoma are frequently found in benign melanocytic naevi
Pilot study for the development of a new campylobacter selective medium at 37°C using aztreonam
Results of a questionnaire regarding criteria for adequacy of endometrial biopsies
Strongyloides stercolaris infection mimicking a malignant tumour in a non-immunocompromised patient. Diagnosis by bronchoalveolar cytology
Rhodococcus equi brain abscess in a patient without HIV
The retroperitoneal surface in distal caecal and proximal ascending colon carcinoma: the Cinderella surgical margin?
Immunodetection of SV40 large T antigen in human central nervous system tumours
Candida albicans peritonitis in a patient with Felty’s syndrome
Segmental pulmonary veno-occlusive disease secondary to lung cancer
Pseudospirochaetosis of the urinary bladder
Recurrent severe hyperandrogenism during pregnancy: a case report
Diagnostic cues for natural killer cell lymphoma: primary nodal presentation and the role of in situ hybridisation for Epstein-Barr virus encoded early small RNA in detecting occult bone marrow involvement
Ectopic supernumerary kidney presenting as inguinal hernia
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Endothelial progenitor cells in non-small cell lung cancer
Monckeberg medial calcific sclerosis mimicking malignant calcification pattern at mammography
Extramedullary haemopoiesis