Mandibular and maxillary furcation tunnel preparations - literature review and a case report
Substance loss caused by scaling with different sonic scaler inserts-an in vitro study
The reproducibility of methods of assessment for cervical dentine hypersensitivity
Success rates in periodontal treatment as related to choice of evaluation criteria
Microassay for the detection of elastase activity in the gingival crevice
Low-dose aspirin therapy and periodontal attachment loss in ex- and non-smokers
The effect of toothpaste on the propensity of chlorhexidine and cetyl pyridinium chloride to produce staining in vitro: a possible predictor of inactivation
A rapid spectrophotometric assay for tetracycline in gingival crevicular fluid
The influence of margins of restorations on the periodontal tissues over 26 years
Comparison of the clinical effects and gingival abrasion aspects of manual and electric toothbrushes
Orthodontic movement in bone defects augmented with Bio-Oss®
Photographic scoring of gingival overgrowth
A study to assess the plaque inhibitory action of a newly formulated triclosan toothpaste
Local delivery of chlorhexidine gluconate (PerioChip™) in periodontal maintenance patients
Herpesviruses in HIV-periodontitis
Checkerboard assessments of serum antibodies to oral microbiota as surrogate markers of clinical periodontal status
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