Molecular Medicine Hones Therapeutic Arts to Science
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MACROSCOPY: Nutraceuticals: Miracle or Meme?
POINT/COUNTERPOINT: An Assessment of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs
Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs: Balancing Benefits and Risks, and a Way Forward
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Beyond Genomics
Targeting Cell Death
Translation of Pharmacogenetics into Clinically Relevant Testing Modalities
Molecular Medicine: How, What, and When?
FORUM: Low Hepatic Cytochrome P450 3A Activity is a Risk for Corticosteroid-induced Osteonecrosis
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The Effect of ABCB1 Polymorphism on the Pharmacokinetics of Saquinavir Alone and in Combination with Ritonavir
G Protein β3 Polymorphism and Triptan Response in Cluster Headache
Elevated Plasma Ferritin and Busulfan Pharmacodynamics During High-dose Chemotherapy Regimens in Children with Malignant Solid Tumors
Influence of CYP3A5 Genotype on the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of the Cytochrome P4503A Probes Alfentanil and Midazolam
Integrating Molecular Medicine into the US Health-care System: Opportunities, Barriers, and Policy Challenges
Polymorphisms in Adenosine Receptor Genes are Associated with Infarct Size in Patients with Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
The Paracrine Hormone Hypothesis of Colorectal Cancer
Derivation of GMP Raw Materials for Use in Regenerative Medicine: hESC-based Therapies, Progress Toward Clinical Application
Disease Targets and Strategies for the Therapeutic Modulation of Endogenous Neural Stem and Progenitor Cells
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The Emerging Role of Pharmacogenomics in Biologics
The Education Potential of the Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base (PharmGKB)