Rare Diseases: The Bane of Modern Society and the Quest for Cures
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The Future of Orphan Drug Development
OPINION: The Current State of Therapeutic Drug Trials in Pregnancy
COMMENTARIES: The Challenges of Orphan Drugs and Orphan Diseases: Real and Imagined
Ethical Considerations in Orphan Drug Approval and Use
Modeling Helps in Understanding Antidepressants
Off-Label Use of Medicines: Time for Action
LX4211, a Dual SGLT1/SGLT2 Inhibitor, Improved Glycemic Control in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes in a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial
Neglected Infections of Poverty in Texas and the Rest of the United States: Management and Treatment Options
Gene, Stem Cell, and Future Therapies for Orphan Diseases
The Role of Academic Institutions in the Development of Drugs for Rare and Neglected Diseases
Drug Absorption Interactions Between Oral Targeted Anticancer Agents and PPIs: Is pH-Dependent Solubility the Achilles Heel of Targeted Therapy?
Open : The Effects of Heparins on the Liver: Application of Mechanistic Serum Biomarkers in a Randomized Study in Healthy Volunteers
UGT1A4*3 Encodes Significantly Increased Glucuronidation of Olanzapine in Patients on Maintenance Treatment and in Recombinant Systems
Detection of Pharmacovigilance-Related Adverse Events Using Electronic Health Records and Automated Methods
Optimizing Drug Outcomes Through Pharmacogenetics: A Case for Preemptive Genotyping
Equivalent Dynamic Human Brain NK1-Receptor Occupancy Following Single-Dose i.v. Fosaprepitant vs. Oral Aprepitant as Assessed by PET Imaging
Time-Varying Belatacept Exposure and Its Relationship to Efficacy/Safety Responses in Kidney-Transplant Recipients
Quantitative Analysis to Guide Orphan Drug Development
Raising Orphans: How Clinical Development Programs of Drugs for Rare and Common Diseases Are Different