Pharmacokinetics of Articaine Hydrochloride in Tumescent Local Anesthesia for Liposuction

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The aim of the investigation was to assess the pharmacokinetic characteristics and safety of articaine HCl used in tumescent local anesthesia for liposuction. Maximum plasma concentrations of articaine HCl were observed from 136 to 264 ng/mL, on average, from 1.2 to 4.3 hours after the start of infiltration, depending on the area of liposuction. The average extent of absorption ranged from 827 to 2203 ng•h/ mL. Average maximum plasma concentrations of articainic acid ranged from 1719 to 7292 ng/mL. The high articainic acid concentrations at 1 hour after the start of infiltration indicate that articaine HCl was hydrolyzed rapidly by esterases in tissue and plasma. Although up to 38.2 mg/kg body weight articaine HCl was applied, no cardiac side effects or symptoms of central nervous intoxication occurred. Articaine HCl provided a safe and sufficient analgesia for tumescent liposuction.

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