Diagnostic evaluation of planar and tomographic ventilation/perfusion lung images in patients with suspected pulmonary emboli
Determination of both the time constant of V̇O2 and ΔV̇O2/ΔW from a single incremental exercise test
Microvascular response in guinea pig skin to histamine challenge with and without application of skin window
Chronotropic incompetence to exercise separates low body weight from established anorexia nervosa
Quadriceps strength assessed by magnetic stimulation of the femoral nerve in normal subjects
Myocardial velocities measured during adenosine, dobutamine and supine bicycle exercise
Pulsed tissue Doppler imaging for the detection of myocardial ischaemia, a comparison with myocardial perfusion SPECT
Plethysmography without venous occlusion for measuring forearm blood flow
Beat-to-beat oscillations in pulse pressure
Determination of the left ventricular long-axis orientation from a single short-axis MR image