Tuberculous Pleurisy and Adenosine Deaminase

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SYNOPSISAnalysis of pleural fluid for adenosine deaminase (ADA) showed a high sensitivity and specificity in two studies involving patients from areas with a high incidence of tuberculosis. The two studies generally agreed that when ADA is > 47 to 50 international units per liter tuberculosis is more likely. The measurement of ADA may reduce the need for some pleural biopsies>.SOURCEValdes L et al. Value of adenosine deaminase in the diagnosis of tuberculous pleural effusions in young patients in a region of high prevalence of tuberculosis. Thorax 1995;50:600–3. Burgess LJ et al. Use of adenosine deaminase as a diagnostic tool for tuberculous pleurisy. Thorax 1995;50:672–4.

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