Mucoid Impaction and Lobar Emphysema Due to Bronchial Atresia Associated With a Bronchogenic Cyst

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The respiratory system begins to develop at 3 to 4 weeks of gestation and continues during the first 2 years of life. Much of the elaboration of the tracheobronchial tree occurs between the fifth and 17th weeks. Aberrations in development during this period lead to congenital anomalies, and the details of many of these abnormalities are unclear. One point of contention relates to the embryonic stage when bronchial atresia occurs. We present a patient who demonstrated 2 congenital pulmonary anomalies, supporting the hypothesis that bronchial atresia occurs around the fifth week of gestation. This case report discusses the clinical and radiographic findings in bronchial atresia. The case also highlights the similarities and differences between bronchial atresia and bronchogenic cysts.

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