Introductory paragraph - Volume 27, Issue 6
Follow-up home visits with registered dietitians have a positive effect on the functional and nutritional status of geriatric medical patients after discharge: a randomized controlled trial
Portable upper extremity robotics is as efficacious as upper extremity rehabilitative therapy: a randomized controlled pilot trial
Short-term effects of spinal thrust joint manipulation in patients with chronic neck pain: a randomized clinical trial
‘Can practice undertaken by patients be increased simply through implementing agreed national guidelines?’ An observational study
Long-term benefits of the Memory-Link programme in a case of amnesia
Test of Wheeled Mobility (TOWM) and a short wheelie test: a feasibility and validity study
Institutional contexts contribute to the low priority given to developing self-care independence in a rehabilitation ward: a qualitative study
Does a falling level of activity predict disability development in community-dwelling elderly people?
Is patient satisfaction and perceived service quality with musculoskeletal rehabilitation determined by patient experiences?
Does social support impact depression in caregivers of adults ageing with spinal cord injuries?