Introductory paragraph
Narrative therapy an evaluated intervention to improve stroke survivors' social and emotional adaptation
A prospective interrupted time series study of interventions to improve the quality, rating, framing and structure of goal-setting in community-based brain injury rehabilitation
Robot-assisted gait training is not superior to balance training for improving postural instability in patients with mild to moderate Parkinson's disease: a single-blind randomized controlled trial
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Efficacy of electrical stimulation as an adjunct to repetitive task practice therapy on skilled hand performance in hemiparetic stroke patients: a randomized controlled trial
Balance training with multi-task exercises improves fall-related selfefficacy, gait, balance performance and physical function in older adults with osteoporosis: a randomized controlled trial
The Multiple Sclerosis-Fatigue Self-Efficacy (MS-FSE) scale: initial validation
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Developing occupational therapy (OT) and physiotherapy (PT) splinting guidelines for the prevention and correction of contractures in adults with neurological dysfunction
A systematic review of adherence measurement methods currently used in randomised controlled trials of home-based rehabilitation interventions
Stroke survivors' and artists' perceptions of the benefits and mechanisms of action of a visual arts creative intervention after stroke: A qualitative exploration
Which interventions are most effective at improving upper limb function after stroke? A Cochrane overview of reviews
The effects of patient-directed mirror therapy on upper limb impairments and activity
A randomised controlled trial to compare two methods of constraint-induced movement therapy to improve functional ability in the affected upper limb in pre-school children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy
Aphasia after stroke and peripheral hearing loss: A systematic review of prevalence, audiological assessment and hearing aid use
‘Home’ and ‘away’: Locationbased differences in walking, a feasibility study in individuals with intermittent claudication
The art and science of defining context of sedentary behaviour by older adults using interview, activity monitors and body worn cameras
Self-reflective meaning making: A concept analysis of selfidentity change after traumatic brain injury
Combination neuromuscular stimulation and robotic stroke rehabilitation: A feasibility study
Results of a feasibility randomised controlled trial of home-based reach-to-grasp training for people after stroke
Development of a repetitive functional task practice (RFTP) programme for patients with upper limb impairment early after stroke
The use of commercial gaming devices in stroke upper limb rehabilitation: A survey of current practice
The use of commercial gaming devices in stroke upper limb rehabilitation: A systematic review
Functional outcomes and efficiency of rehabilitation in a national cohort of patients with Guillain- Barré Syndrome and other inflammatory polyneuropathies
Review of the effectiveness of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for phantom limb pain in adult amputees
Goal-setting practice in services delivering community based stroke rehabilitation: A United Kingdom wide survey
‘Beating the blues’ after a stroke: A pilot randomised controlled trial of guided computerised cognitive behavioural therapy for treating symptoms of depression and anxiety after a stroke
External memory aids for people with multiple sclerosis: A systematic review
Scanning training for visual field loss after stroke: An exploration and comparison of current interventions
Conceptualisation and development of the children's arm rehabilitation measure using a novel method of item generation and Rasch analysis
Systematic review of patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) for functional performance in the lower limb
The Greater Manchester assessment toolkit for stroke rehabilitation (G-Master): The effect of the multi-disciplinary team's use of measurement tools
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Accuracy of a 2D video system for measuring upper limb movement in stroke survivors
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Getting the best out of the GP fit note: A qualitative analysis of GP comments