Introductory paragraph
Thoughts on human geriatric rehabilitation from a geriatric greyhound : lessons learned from the rehabilitation given to an aged dog
A systematic review of high quality randomized controlled trials investigating motor skill programmes for children with developmental coordination disorder
Systematic review of behavioral and educational interventions to prevent pressure ulcers in adults with spinal cord injury
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Effectiveness and safety of Chinese massage therapy (Tui Na) on post-stroke spasticity : a prospective multicenter randomized controlled trial
The effects of a home-based arm ergometry exercise programme on physical fitness, fatigue and activity in Polio survivors : a randomised controlled trial
Psychometric evaluation of the Client-Centered Rehabilitation Questionnaire (CCRQ) in a large sample of German rehabilitation patients
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Medication, rehabilitation and health care consumption in adults with cerebral palsy : a population based study
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Giving hope, ticking boxes or securing services? A qualitative study of respiratory physiotherapists’ views on goal-setting with people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease