The use of periodized exercise prescription in rehabilitation: a systematic scoping review of literature

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Objective:To describe the use of periodized exercise prescription with patients in the context of rehabilitation.Data source:The following databases were searched: The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, MEDLINE, PubMed, CINAHL, ScienceDirect, PEDro, Web of Science, SPORTDiscus, SAGE and Google Scholar. Databases were searched from inception to March 2018.Results:The literature search yielded 1772 articles with 1755 being excluded leaving 17 articles in total for the full review. Methodological quality and internal validity of the included papers were lacking. The included studies failed to indicate in which phase rehabilitation had occurred. Programme structure relating to the use of a familiarization phase, sequencing of exercises and structuring of specific phases (i.e. macrocycle, mesocycle and microcycle) was not present and lacked consistency across the board.Conclusion:Periodization models of exercise prescription are being used within a variety of population groups in the rehabilitation setting. Integration of periodization principles into a rehabilitation programme still however remains a challenge. Although there is a lack of consistency with regard to the structure and implementation of a periodized model of exercise prescription in the rehabilitation context, it seems to be an alternative way in which to prescribe exercise within the rehabilitation setting.

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