From the Editor
Response to Interprofessional Education and Practice
Creating an Infrastructure and Culture of Empowerment
Narrative and Interprofessional Education: Writing Toward Transparency, Mutual Respect, and Trust
The Quest for Effective Care Coordination
Interprofessional Education and the Affordable Care Act
A Systematic Review: A Collaborative Partnership on Evaluating Graduate Nursing Education in Chronic Symptomatic Disease
The Poster Presentation as Experiential Education: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice
The Doctor of Nursing Practice and Role Assimilation: Strategies for Success
Evidence Principles: Caveats in Translation of Probability and Risk
Vitamin D: The Great Debate
Improving Provider Compliance in the Use of an Asthma Action Plan for Patients With Asthma in an Outpatient Setting
Assessing the Educational Efficacy of the Patient Pamphlet, Treatment Options for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip
Lambl's Excrescence: An Uncommon Cause of Cardioembolic Stroke
Headache and Neck Pain From Cervicocranial Fibromuscular Dysplasia
An Active Surveillance and Referral Program to Ensure Respiratory Syncytial Virus Prophylaxis for the Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease Population: A Quality Improvement Project
Using the Bartering System in Nursing: Can Service-Learning Curricula Be Bartered for Tuition Reimbursement?
Improved Quality in Diabetes Care for the Working Uninsured Using Systems Thinking With an Interprofessional Team
Telenutrition: An Integrated Approach to Delivering Medical Nutrition Therapy to Bariatric Surgery Patients via Synchronous Teleconsultation
Heretical Thoughts on the Need for Change in Our Language From Care to Protection From Harm
The Pursuit of Advanced Practice Nursing: Ought or Nought?
A Parallel Strategy: Deliberate Inclusion of Trained Traditional Birth Attendants in Maternal and Child Health Workforce of Low-Income Countries
Dialogue With Jeffrey Brenner, MD: A Health Care Revolutionary