Renal function one year after switching from Sandimmun® to Neoral®

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Background.The replacement of Sandimmun® by Neoral® in 1995 was thought to cause subsequent renal function deterioration due to the better bioavailability of the new drug. We prospectively analyzed the effect of a dose-to-dose drug replacement on renal function over 12 months.Methods and results.The renal function of 47 consecutive heart transplanted patients was prospectively evaluated before (T0), at 1 (T1), 3 (T3), and 12 (T12) months after drug replacement. Mean serum creatinine was not significantly different at T0 and T12 (142 ± 55 and 154 ± 60 μmol/L, p = 0.1). We were able to reduce cyclosporine total and weight-indexed doses by, respectively, 11% and 14% between T0 and T12 (274 ± 86 to 244 ± 72 mg/d, p = 0.0003; and 3.7 ± 1.4 to 3.2 ± 1.2 mg/kg/d, respectively, p = 0.0005).Conclusions.This study demonstrates that the dose-to-dose replacement of Sandimmun by Neoral is feasible, with no direct influence on renal function over a 1-yr follow-up.

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