Pseudoaneurysm of the Y-graft/iliac artery anastomosis following pancreas transplantation: a case report and review of the literature

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Transplant-related aneurysms are an unusual complication following pancreas transplantation. We present a case of a pseudoaneurysm developing in a recipient 6 months after bladder-drained pancreas transplantation. The pseudoaneurysm was incidentally found during ultrasonographic evaluation in preparation for a pancreas biopsy. Angiography demonstrated that the origin of the pseudoaneurysm was located near the base of the Y-graft/iliac artery anastomosis. Surgical repair was performed using standard vascular techniques. The patient subsequently recovered without loss of graft exocrine or endocrine function. Review of the literature revealed that aneurysms of various types associated with pancreas transplantation have a high incidence of graft loss and contribute significantly to patient morbidity. However, with prompt diagnostic and surgical management, non-infected pseudoaneurysms can be repaired without loss of pancreatic function.

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