How quickly can a renal transplant pathological diagnosis be completed? The demands of clinicians and the objections of pathologists

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This analyzer symposium was held in order to clarify whether pathologists were satisfying the demands of clinicians in renal transplant care in Japan. Thirty-one questions were prepared as to “Background”, “Transplant results”, “Basic issues concerning renal transplant biopsy diagnoses”, “Renal transplant biopsy and diagnosis, and actual treatment”, and “Diagnostic support”. By analyzing the answers of all the questions, the current status of renal transplant treatment in Japan has been clarified as follows. Most institutions can produce a renal transplant optical microscope section 1 or 2 days after the biopsy. Over 90% of those on the clinical side would like to have the diagnosis on the same day as the biopsy or at the latest the day after. Therefore, in fact a 24 hour time lag was observed between the pathological diagnosis and the request from the clinical side. No clinicians required a pathologist to decide whether to perform a transplant or not. Nearly all clinicians provide treatment based on the renal transplant biopsy diagnosis. As renal transplant pathological diagnosis is difficult, all pahtologists need a diagnostic support system. The creation of this system was thought to be a pressing matter.

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