Return to normal activities and work after living donor laparoscopic nephrectomy
Impact of acute kidney injury following liver transplantation on long‐term outcomes
Longitudinal assessment of cardiac morphology and function following kidney transplantation
Complement C3F allotype synthesized by liver recipient modifies transplantation outcome independently from donor hepatic C3
Leishmaniasis in solid organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients
Long‐term effects of high‐intensity interval training in heart transplant recipients
Visceral fat is strongly associated with post‐transplant diabetes mellitus and glucose metabolism 1 year after kidney transplantation
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Immunohistochemical markers for hepatocellular carcinoma prognosis after liver resection and liver transplantation
The use of robotic surgery in abdominal organ transplantation
Serial measurement of presepsin, procalcitonin, and C‐reactive protein in the early postoperative period and the response to antithymocyte globulin administration after heart transplantation
Cost and clinical outcome of islet transplantation in Norway 2010‐2015
Direct oral anticoagulant considerations in solid organ transplantation