Revival of The Use of Ultrasound in Screening for Appendicitis in Young Adult Men
Sonographic Appearances of The Postoperative Testis
Comparative Accuracy of Preoperative Tumor Size Assessment on Mammography, Sonography, and MRI: Is the Accuracy Affected by Breast Density or Cancer Subtype?
Association Between Sonographic Appearances of Breast Cancers and Their Histopathologic Features and Biomarkers
The Effect of Maternal Obesity on Sonographic Fetal Weight Estimation and Perinatal Outcome in Pregnancies Complicated by Fetal Growth Restriction
Noninvasive Measurement of Intracranial Pressure Via The Pulsatility Index on Transcranial Doppler Sonography: Is Improvement Possible?
Varying Patterns of Brachial Artery Flow-Mediated Dilatation in Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Controls: An Application of The Group-Based Trajectory Modeling
Temporal Bone Thickness and Texture Are Major Determinants of The High Rate of Insonation Failures of Transcranial Doppler in Amerindians (the Atahualpa Project)
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