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Sonographic evaluation of surgical repair of uterine cesarean scar defects
Transabdominal sonography to measure the total vaginal and mucosal thicknesses
Accuracy of sonographic fetal weight estimation prior to delivery in a Chinese han population
Sonographic evaluation of the fetal spine position and success rate of manual rotation of the fetus in occiput posterior position : A randomized controlled trial
The anterior complex : A visual mnemonic to aid in identification of normal structures
Spectral Doppler ultrasound for predicting long‐term response to topical timolol in children with infantile hemangioma
Reproducibility of point‐of‐care ultrasonography for central vein diameter measurement : Separating image acquisition from interpretation
Diagnosis of broncho‐pleural fistula : Is there a role for sonography?
Congenital glaucoma detected by unilateral megalophthalmos on prenatal sonography
Metastatic neuroblastoma diagnosed on prenatal sonographic examination performed for decreased fetal movement
Congenital high airway obstruction syndrome (CHAOS) associated with cervical myelomeningocele
Birth injuries to growth plates : A sheep in wolves' clothing
Sonographic diagnosis of acute mastoiditis and subsequent retroauricular abscess in a pediatric cochlear implant recipient : A case report
Sonographic appearance of pyomyositis of the sternocleidomastoid muscle : A case report
Portal systemic shunt between the hepatic portal vein and right renal vein in a patient with multifocal hepatocellular carcinoma : Case report
Transplant with a twist : A pitfall in sonographic diagnosis of renal transplant torsion
Echocardiographic features of right ventricular diverticulum : A case report