The “Forgotten” Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium With Electroconvulsive Therapy: Successful Use in a Very Prolonged and Severe Case

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ObjectiveAlcohol withdrawal delirium (AWD) is a notorious complication in alcohol withdrawal. Usually, the symptomatic treatment is efficacious; however, some patients show treatment resistance or a prolonged course of AWD.MethodWe report the case of a patient with a prolonged and severest form of AWD. Even 11 weeks after admission, he received approximately 100 mg diazepam per week to manage the symptoms of withdrawal delirium.ResultsA treatment course of electroconvulsive therapy was initiated, which allowed a complete tapering off of benzodiazepines during electroconvulsive therapy without adverse effects.ConclusionsThe reported case might contribute to alternative approaches reserved for severest forms of prolonged AWD.

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