Patient Needs and Satisfaction With Nursing Care After Day Surgery Based on a Patient-Centered Care Framework

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This cross-sectional study explored the level of patient needs and satisfaction in women with day surgery. A consecutive sample of 233 women was recruited from a women’s health care center in South Korea. Demographic and disease-specific characteristics, patient needs, and satisfaction were measured. Patient needs were evaluated based on patient-centered care framework; the average mean was 4.21 (.7) out of a possible 5. The mean score for overall patient satisfaction was 3.70 (.5) out of a possible 5. Among the five subdomains of patient needs, involvement of family and friends presented the highest mean score. The focus of day surgery care should respond to the care shift from hospital to home care, so that it should prepare family and friends to provide appropriate home care. This study reports high levels of patient needs and adds to the body of knowledge on perioperative nursing care interventions for women undergoing outpatient day surgery.

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