Participation in Care Encounters in Heart Failure Home-Care

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The purpose of this qualitative study was to observe care encounters during home visits in Heart failure (HF) home-care to identify and describe participation in care. Seventeen patients diagnosed with HF, and 10 registered nurses participated. Data from 19 video-recorded home visits were analyzed using qualitative content analysis. Two themes were identified: (a) Participation in the care encounter is made possible by interaction, including exchanging care-related information, care-related reasoning, collaboration; and (b) participation in the care encounter is made possible by an enabling approach, including the patients expressing their own wishes, showing an active interest, while the nurse is committed and invites to having a dialogue. The HF home-care context showed good potential for patient participation. Room for discussions and collaboration facilitated for the patients to be active partners in their care, which in turn may have positive effects on outcomes.

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