Effect of a Special Examination Gown and Nature-Based Sounds on Anxiety in Women Undergoing a Gynecological Examination

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Many women feel anxiety about gynecological examination. The purpose of this semi-experimental study was to investigate the effect of a special examination gown and nature-based sounds on anxiety in women undergoing a gynecological examination. This study was conducted with three experimental groups and one control group. The randomized sampling method was used. The sample size was determined as 30 women for each group. Data were collected over 4 months from February 2015 to May 2015. Anxiety levels were assessed using the Status Anxiety Inventory Form (STAI, A-State). The STAI (A-State) score after the gynecological examination was quite low in the women in the experimental groups in comparison with the women in the control group (F = 3.672, p = .001). It is remarkable that the anxiety levels of the women in the special examination gown + nature-based sounds group were especially lower than the women in the control group.

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