The Relationship Between Work Commitment, Dynamic, and Medication Error

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Incidence of medication errors in intensive care unit (ICU) can cause irreparable damage for ICU patients. Therefore, it seems necessary to find the causes of medication errors in this section. Work commitment and dynamic might affect the incidence of medication errors in ICU. To assess the mentioned hypothesis, we performed a descriptive-analytical study which was carried out on 117 nurses working in ICU of educational hospitals in Tehran. Minick et al., Salyer et al., and Wakefield et al. scales were used for data gathering on work commitment, dynamic, and medication errors, respectively. Findings of the current study revealed that high work commitment in ICU nurses caused low number of medication errors, including intravenous and nonintravenous. We controlled the effects of confounding variables in detection of this relationship. In contrast, no significant association was found between work dynamic and different types of medication errors. Although the study did not observe any relationship between the dynamics and rate of medication errors, the training of nurses or nursing students to create a dynamic environment in hospitals can increase their interest in the profession and increase job satisfaction in them. Also they must have enough ability in work dynamic so that they don’t confused and distracted result in frequent changes of orders, care plans, and procedures.

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