Comparing Vitamin A and Moist Chamber in Preventing Ocular Surface Disorders

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The present study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of vitamin A eye ointment (VAEO) and moist chamber (MC) in preventing ocular surface disorders (OSD) in intensive care unit (ICU) patients. A total of 38 eligible patients were selected for participation in the present clinical trial. All the patients were randomly administered VAEO in one eye every 6 hr for 5 days and had a polyethylene cover (PC) placed on their other eye to create an MC that was replaced every 12 hr as well. The results of Schirmer’s test also increased by 2.06 mm in the VAEO group (p < .001), while they showed a slight reduction by 0.15 mm in the MC group (p = .669). VAEO was more effective in preventing OSD in ICU patients than MC and is, therefore, recommended to be used as a method of preventing OSD.

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