Caregiving Burden and Life Satisfaction Among Caregivers of Cancer Patients Admitted to the Emergency Department

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This descriptive and cross-sectional study aimed to determine caregiving burden and life satisfaction among caregivers of cancer patients admitted to the emergency department. The study included 272 caregivers. Data were collected using an information form, the Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI), and the Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS). Among the patients, 19.1% were diagnosed with lung cancer; 44.1% were in the fourth stage of their disease; and 52% had metastasis. The mean ZBI total score was 41.2 ± 9.7, while the mean SWLS total score of caregivers was 17.6 ± 4.0. It was concluded that the mean ZBI and SWLS scores of patients’ caregivers were moderately and negatively correlated (p < .001, r = −.485). There was a negative and significant relationship between caregiving burden and quality of life.

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