What To Do with the Incidental Finding of Lobular Neoplasia?

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The management of an isolated core needle breast biopsy reading of lobular neoplasia (LN) is controversial. Although this finding is associated with an increased risk for cancer, the current belief is that it, itself, is not a pre-malignant lesion. In this report, a single institution's experience with LN over an 18 month period (98 cases) is detailed. More than half of the patients were followed carefully without surgical excision. Of the 45 patients who had surgical excision, all but 3 had LN alone (without malignant features) on the excised tissue. The authors make the case that this is a safe approach if there is confidence that follow-up (including imaging studies) will be maintained.


Nagi CS, et al. Lobular neoplasia on core needle biopsy does not require excision. Cancer. 2008;112:2152-2158.

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