How Well Are We Preparing Pediatricians to Manage Seizures and Epilepsy? A Single-Center Questionnaire-Based Pilot Study

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To assess the knowledge of pediatric residents regarding principles of management of seizures and epilepsy.


A 10-item multiple-choice questionnaire with single correct response each (scored as 1) was administered to pediatric residents at an academic hospital.


Out of 92 questionnaires, 73 were returned (79.3%). The mean score was 5 ± 1.9 (range = 1 to 9). Most correct responses (53/70, 75.5%) were received for the question on diagnosis of epilepsy. Questions on febrile seizures and on pharmacology of valproic acid received <50% correct responses among senior as well as junior residents, with no significant improvement in the correct response rate of senior residents.


Deficiencies exist in pediatric residents' knowledge of seizures and epilepsy, especially with respect to febrile seizures and pharmacology of antiepileptic medications. Improved mechanisms to promote understanding in these areas are needed during pediatric training.

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