Screening Tool Predicts Future Underimmunization Among a Pediatric Practice in Tennessee

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The Parent Attitudes about Childhood Vaccines (PACV) survey for identifying vaccine-hesitant parents was recently validated in Washington State but did not include all recommended childhood vaccines. The current study compares vaccination rates for all recommended childhood vaccines and PACV scores at one pediatric practice in Tennessee. Children were enrolled at the 2-week well visit, and vaccination rates were assessed at 19 months of age. Outcomes at 19 months of age included mean percentage of days underimmunized and up-to-date status (yes/no) compared with PACV scores. The impact of provider on immunization status was assessed. Complete vaccination data were available for 158 children of 183 enrolled (86%). Higher PACV scores were associated with more days underimmunized (P < .001) and being overdue for vaccine doses at 19 months of age (P < .001). No difference was seen between providers and up-to-date status. Our study supports the predictive validity of the PACV for underimmunization.

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